With Love and a Major Organ (Revised for Three Women) by Julia Lederer


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With Love and a Major Organ (Revised for Three Women) by Julia Lederer

The story of a woman with a paper heart, a mother who wanted to spare her the pain of a real one, and a stranger on the subway with perhaps too much love to give. A modern-day fable about what it costs to give your heart away, and what happens when you discover you actually have one.
A new version of the internationally acclaimed play, WITH LOVE AND A MAJOR ORGAN, now written for three women.

Version first produced by Boise Contemporary Theatre, Idaho, December 2019

Keywords: Love, magic, magic realism, comedy, poetry, language, relationships, women, LGTBQ, pride, connection, heart
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 85 minutes
Acts: 1
Female roles: 3
Suitable for students 14+

There's also a 60-minute version of the play that can be easily adapted for 3 women.

“A show that stands out above the others... just about perfect... rises to a rare level of universal truth, all while making us laugh. A lot.”
—NewCity Stage (Chicago)

“Funny, insightful, and ends up saying much more about the heart and human interaction than simply being a quirky, poetically symbolic love story . . . What then could be more important than seeing a play like “With Love and a Major Organ,” with its insistence that one’s heart, in real time, is central to everything.” —The Daily Breeze (Los Angeles)