Frequently Asked Questions

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Searching for Plays
What's the best way to search the site?
Where can I find the newest plays?
I don't see the play I'm searching for on your website.
Do you have sample or preview copies of scripts?
I want information about a specific play or playwright.
Is there an easy way to look at plays that are similar to each other?
Where can I find large cast plays written by female-identifying playwrights?
Placing an Order
How do I place an order?
What is the CPO's return policy?
I have a large OR time-sensitive order! What should I do?
What format does the play come in? How do I know?
When will I receive my digital download?
When will I receive my order in the mail?
Does my musical script come with sheet music?
Can I get a photocopy license?
How many copies of a script do I need to buy for my production?
General Queries
What is the Playwrights Guild of Canada?
How do I get my play into the Canadian Play Outlet?
I sent a message to the website's chat service and nobody answered!
Do you offer any discounts?
What are the store's hours and location?
I have applied for amateur rights and haven't heard back. How can I find out the status of my application?
I want to license one of the plays from your store for an amateur production -- what is my first step?
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