With Love and a Major Organ (60 Minute Digital Version) by Julia Lederer


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With Love and a Major Organ (60 Minute Digital Version) by Julia Lederer

Anabel falls in love with a stranger she meets on the subway. In an act of rash courage, she sends him her heart. He disappears with it.
She needs to get it back.
George is on the run but keeps getting distracted by romantic comedies and feelings he's never had before. He begins to blame his mother.
Mona is speed-dating and seeking online therapy from GoogleShrink to try and feel more connected. Then a stranger appears on her doorstep, in search of a missing heard.

Funny, poetic, and wildly original, With Love and a Major Organ is a modern day fable about what it costs to give your heart away and what happens when you realize that you have one. 

This 60-minute version premiered at The Toronto Fringe Festival in 2012, where it was "Best of Fringe", "Patron's Pick", "Outstanding New Play" (NOW Magazine). It premiered professionally at Strawdog Theatre in Chicago in 2015 and is published by Scirocco Drama. 

“A show that stands out above the others… just about perfect… rises to a rare level of universal truth, all while making us laugh. A lot.” 
- NewCity Stage (Chicago)
"A brash, poetic and fiercely original voice that's equal parts pee-your-pants funny and get-out-that-Kleenex poignant."
- NOW Magazine (Toronto)

Keywords:  comedy, love, monologues, women, technology, dating, romance, poetic, language, magic realism, trains, emotions, universal, feelings, connection, relationships

Style: Comedy

Running time: 60 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 2

Suitable for students aged 12+.