Hurry Hard by Kristen Da Silva


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Hurry Hard by Kristen Da Silva

When Bill and Sandy’s marriage split up, so did their curling team – splintering off into a men’s team and a women’s team who begrudgingly share the ice at the Stayner Curling Club. Now, a medical emergency has left the men’s team short a player the day of the big Regional Bonspiel. If they have any hope of beating neighbouring Meaford and taking the trophy for Stayner, they’ll have to call a ceasefire on the war of the sexes and unite as one team.

Keywords: Canada, Curling, Sports, Team, Friendship, Small Town, Competition, Comedy, Romance

First produced by Lighthouse Festival Theatre, Port Dover, ON, July 2019
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 90 minutes
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 2
See a scene from the play's production at the Lighthouse Theatre Festival HERE!