Five Alarm by Kristen Da Silva


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Five Alarm by Kristen Da Silva

The Killaloe fairground is home to the annual Wayne Rose Memorial Chili Cook Off, where hopefuls from all over the small town come each year to compete for the prestige, the trophy and the cash prize. The most determined of these is Ava Rose. She has tried (and failed) to win in honour of her father's memory for sixteen years. Worse, her bitter rival has bested her five times in a row. With a quirky new assistant - who may or may not know a single thing about cooking - and an iron will, Ava returns to battle for a seventeenth time. If she can piece together her father's missing Five Alarm Chili recipe and keep her assistant from maiming herself, she is sure to finally take home the trophy. 

Keywords: Family, friendship, rivalry, country, cooking, competition

Suitable for school productions: Students age 14+

Running Time: 80 minutes

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 3