Zomblet by Dan Bray


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Zomblet by Dan Bray

Something is rotting in the state of Denmark... After Hamlet's zombified father returns to terrorize the palace, the prince and his fellow Danes - along with some help from Dr Faustus - must solve the mystery and cure this unholy, spooky plague.

Keywords: horror, comedy, halloween, shakespeare, parody, zombies, faustus

Produced by The Villains Theatre, Halifax NS, October 2019

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes
Suitable for students 16+
Content note: Contains violence, swearing, playful cannibalism, mature themes, mature language

Cast size: 8 actors
Playwright casting note:  "The names of the characters in this play are not intended to limit casting to gender, nor any particular ethnic or cultural group. Casting should reflect the diversity of the community and culture in which the play is being produced. Physical attributes ascribed to the characters in the text may be changed to reflect casting.

As this has been adapted from pre-existing works, I defer to the same gender pronouns used in the original texts. Nevertheless, this should in no way be interpreted as a requisite for casting.

This play may not be produced unless at least 50% of the cast is played by non-male performers."