You Are Happy by Rébecca Déraspe, translated Leanna Brodie

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Bridget finds her brother Jeremy in a closet attempting suicide. Again. Determined to help him find some kind of happiness, she carts around grocery stores looking for his potential wife. Bridget’s search affirms what she already thinks: there are couples practically everywhere. Eventually finding her way into the aisle with the razor blades, she meets Chloe and her plans to stage a happily-ever-after are finally set.

Keywords: couples, Millennials, Generation Y, romantic comedy, social pressure, conformity, Quebec plays in translation, French plays in translation, plays by women

Year Printed: 2016
First Produced: 2014 translation commissioned and presented by Ruby Slippers Theatre, Vancouver, BC
Translation of a play by Rébecca Déraspe

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 2