Yorick by Mark Leiren-Young


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Yorick by Mark Leiren-Young

To laugh or not to laugh? The question isn't whether Shakespeare was real, it's was Shakespeare funny... The ghost of Hamlet's famous Fool has risen to reveal he was actually Shakespeare's gag writer and - as he shares his story - he performs the funniest scenes in the Bard's repertoire. This is an actor's chance to play Falstaff, the Porter, Jaques, Kate, Petruchio, all The Mechanicals from Midsummer and more.

Produced at the Winnipeg, Saskatoon and Victoria Fringe Festivals.

Keywords:Ā Shakespeare, Bard, theater, solo, one-person, monologue
Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 60 minutes
Male roles: 1
Suitable for students 14+

"4 starsā€¦ A hilarious romp through the world of the Bard. Absolutely mesmerizingā€¦ you might laugh your head off. A tragedy about comedy. A comedy about tragedy. It will leave you happy.ā€
- Tom Eremondi, Saskatoon Star Phoenix.