Woody by Michael MacLean


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Woody by Michael MacLean

For Pinocchio, becoming a real boy was just the beginning. Sex is a shocker, but it's Gepetto's death that drives him to find the Blue Fairy again to demand a do-over wish. After a century-long quest—and still as innocent as the day he was carved—Woody stumbles across the blue-haired porn star who will take him on his last few steps to becoming human.

Production history includes Montreal Fringe (2000), Calgary Fringe (2017), Edmonton Fringe (2018), Summerworks Festival (2004)

Keywords: puppet, Blue Fairy, Disney, movies

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 60 minutes
Content note: Strong language and graphic descriptions of sex, a car crash, attempted suicide by hanging and a fatal heart attack.

Cast size: 1 actor
Male roles: 1
Casting note: Requires recorded voiceover of lines spoken by a woman.

"In Woody, Pinocchio is more human than even the Blue Fairy could have hoped for. There’s death, there’s bad judgments and worse decisions. There’s also plenty of humour that is literally bend-over, laugh out loud." - Calgary Herald

"Cleverly crafted and an enormous amount of fun. Hidden in this gem of a script, among the many laughs, are some poignant moments that make us think of our own pain and mortality, about wishes and the elusive nature of our heart’s desire. This play is a winner by more than a nose and that’s no lie." - Edmonton Sun

"By turns comic and disturbing... 65 bawdily funny and moving minutes." - St. John's Telegram