The Wolf Plays by Brad Fraser


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Image Wolf Plays

This memorable collection contains two of Brad Fraser's most ferocious theatrical creations. Wolfboy explores the relationship between two youths who are patients in a psychiatric ward—one of whom claims to possess the supernatural powers of the wolf. In Prom Night of the Living Dead, an evil sorceress feeds on the power of monsters. A group of high school girls is humanity’s only hope for salvation—and a successful prom.


Two boys on the verge of manhood try to keep life magical, while coming to grips with the harsh reality of an ugly adult world.
First Produced: 1982 at 25th Street Theatre, Saskatoon.
Acts: 1

Prom Night of the Living Dead

A story about those who feel "different".
First Produced: 1991 at the Shoctor Theatre, Edmonton.

Written With: Darrin Hagen
Acts: 1

Male Cast: 6
Female Cast: 6