Willow Quartet by Joan Burrows

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In the aftermath of a tragedy that ends Kim and Ben's marriage, Kim finds herself back in her childhood home, a quiet farm away from the city. Here, she invites Jim, a visiting musician, to stay with her in a bed-and-breakfast arrangement much to the chagrin of Ben and Marjorie, Kim's mother. It's not long before Kim becomes infatuated with Jim's sophistication and charm, and with his ability to make her forget her anguish temporarily until it inevitably boils to the surface. With Jim at her side, Kim struggles to navigate through her unresolved grief and begins to explore her buried feelings until eventually she finds what can be her new normal. A drama about choices, consequences and, ultimately, forgiveness.

Keywords: Drama, 4 characters, single set

Year Printed: 2014

First produced in 2011 at Papermill Theatre, Todmorden Mills, Toronto, ON.

Running TIme: 120 minutes
Acts: 2
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 2