Wildest Dreams by Don Druick


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Poor old Jack. It just keeps going bad. Is that anyway to have a life, thinks he? Would it rain?, he wondered, gazing fearfully into the dark gray sky. It smelt like rain. A conspiracy of nature? By nature? But aren't I a part of nature? It's no good - Audrey's screwing around. And nobody cares. And nothing makes any sense.

WILDEST DREAMS is the story of middle-aged love, or late middle-aged love, or love past middle-age, or the failure of this love. Two characters - Jack and Audrey. There are 10 other characters, who appear as required. A story emerges which on one hand stretches our understanding and yet is still immensely capable of moving and engaging an audience.

In searching for a new source of innovation in playwrighting technique, I have been scouring my dreams for theatrical devices. I like my dreams - it is the only place in my life where I am able to easily move mountains.

At the end of the day, at the end of the summer, he realized - had he always known this? - that plot was a restless soul. It elbowed its way aggressively through the teeming crowds of other aspects of his narrative. It always wanted to know: what's happening now? What's happening next? What what what what? Relentless plot seem to be getting far too much attention and that was the truth of it. Or so he believed.

Keywords: conspiracy of nature, love past middle-age, failure of this love, contemporary, surreal, redemption.

Year Printed: 2015

Running TIme: 100 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 8
Female Cast: 4