Wilde Holiday Shorts by Nicolle Trixie Nattrass


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Wilde Holiday Shorts by Nicolle Trixie Nattrass

Tis the Night before Christmas and all is quiet or is it? It is the most magical time of year, expect the unexpected when three characters come alive, Thomas, Silverglitter and Teddy. While eagerly awaiting Santa's arrival, these Christmas characters take you on a ride through some of the stories of Oscar Wilde, The Happy Prince, The Remarkable Rocket, The Selfish Giant and more... Join them and experience the Christmas spirit and laughter.

Keywords: children's play, one act play, adaptation of Oscar Wilde short stories, christmas themed

Year Printed: 2013
First Produced: 2010 at Chemainus Theatre Festival, Chemainus, BC.
Running TIme: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 2
Female Cast: 1