Wild Oats by Geoff Hewitson


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Wild Oats by Geoff Hewitson

In the summer of 1960, Elvis was king, convertibles were cool and young love was in the air. Shortly after her senior prom, Diane Marshall found out she was pregnant. Her parents also found out, and not wanting friends and neighbours to know, they sent her away to live her aunt so that Diane could give birth and have the child up put up for adoption.
It is now 1980, and Diane has just been reunited with the daughter (Jennifer) that she was forced to give up. Jennifer is anxious to meet both of her natural parents but the secrets about her birth have been well protected and even her natural father doesn’t know she exits.
Life is full of surprises and as secrets unfold, Diane is forced to face the consequences.

Wild Oats is based on a true story.

Wild Oats with an approximate run time of forty minutes, small cast, simple sets and family theme, is an ideal candidate for community theatre and festivals.

Produced by:

Peterborough Theatre Guild October 2003
EODL Play Festival Brighton Barn Theatre November 2003


Keywords: Sixties, covertibles, young love, adoption

Genre: Romantic Comedy
Acts: 1
Run time: 40 minutes
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2