Wife Insurance by David Copelin


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RUFUS BROWN is a travelling insurance salesman. So is RUFUS BLACK. They are the same person. Pained by the deaths of his wife and kids many years ago, Rufus has married both LOLA BROWN and CLEA BLACK. They are insurance against the grief of loss. Rufus spends alternate weeks with them. At a pub, Rufus meets JENNIFER, a bartender. She’s a detective who works two jobs to earn enough money to buy a house. Rufus wants to sell her insurance.

Lola, frustrated that no one will publish her romance novels, is thinking of having an affair. Clea writes gay male porn as ”Ben Dover,” and is angry that Rufus isn’t very sexual. Both wives suspect that Rufus is unfaithful. Independently, both Lola and Clea seek the advice of MADAME WANDA, a veiled fortuneteller. “Wanda” is actually RUFUS WHITE, a man who murdered his family years earlier and has never been caught. Madame Wanda learns that both Lola and Clea are married to men named Rufus, and he is shocked that Lola’s photo of her Rufus looks exactly like Wanda -- without the veil. He gets both wives to return the next day, keeping Lola’s locket with the photo.

Meanwhile, our Rufus totals his car trying to avoid hitting a cat crossing the road. Confused, he goes to both homes at the wrong time, raising both wives’ suspicions. They both kick him out. When they see the story of Rufus White on a TV show, they are convinced that their mutual husband is a killer! They denounce him, and learn that the other wife exists. Meeting, they bicker and insult each other.

At the pub, Jenny gets Rufus to watch the same TV show, where he notices the resemblance between himself and Rufus White. Then Jenny arrests Rufus for murder! Lola and Clea visit him in jail and promise revenge.

When Lola and Clea return to Madame Wanda’s to recover Lola’s locket, Madame Wanda catches them and tries to kill them, but Lola knocks her out with a crystal ball. They take off Madame Wanda’s veil – he looks like Rufus! How did he escape from jail? They call Jennifer to come get him.

A few weeks later, “our” Rufus has been exonerated. He’s ready to face an uncertain future without wives, homes, or a job. Jenny has been promoted, so she can buy her house. Rufus forgives her; she was just doing her job. He is finished with bigamy and the lies it entails.

Keywords: two-act, comedy, small-cast, contemporary, disguise

Written With: Cat Delaney
Running TIme: 90 minutes
Acts: 2

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 3