Who's Laughing Now by Linda McCready


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Loretta, a highly accomplished business woman at the head of a cosmetics company, calls an urgent meeting with Elaine, her lawyer and friend. Loretta wants to sue Erika Hussman, a young female comedienne who impersonates her and makes her look superficial, condescending and pompous. Elaine comes up with all sorts of arguments to dissuade Loretta from suing the comedienne. During the discussion, Loretta and Elaine each reveal an important part of their past. The story touches on the importance of being true to oneself.

Adjudicator's Award for Outstanding Original Script, London One Act Festival 2015, Ontario.
Produced by the Burl-oak Theatre Group, Oakville ON in 2015 and by the Urban Stories Theatre, Calgary, ALberta, in 2015

Keywords: women, lawyer, power, comic, stand-up, cosmetics, guilt, money, past, shame, hope, loneliness, conflict, legal action, comedy, drama

Running Time: 15 minutes
Acts: 1
Suitable for students 14+

Female Cast: 2