Who You Callin' Black, eh? by Rita Shelton Deverell


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Who you Callin Black Eh? is a coming of age play set in Canada’s largest, most multicultural, multilingual city, that is not about sexuality, but is about colour. Wherever Our Heroine goes, whatever she does, with whomever she relates, she is not Black Enough or White Enough to find her people. Shadism causes her to be shunned. Who is she? Where is she going? What is the meaning of life, her life that is? What colour is she? – a very basic question of identity and coming of age, a question for millennials.

Keywords: Black, diversity, Toronto, Nova Scotia

Year Printed: 2018

Running Time: 65 minutes

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 1

Ideally cast should be a rainbow of colours, from ebony black to lily white. Many ethnicities are good.