Who You Callin' Black, eh? by Rita Shelton Deverell


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Who You Callin' Black, eh? by Rita Shelton Deverell

Who you Callin Black Eh? is a coming of age play set in Canada’s largest, most multicultural, multilingual city, that is not about sexuality, but about colour. Wherever Our Heroine goes, she is not Black Enough or White Enough to find her people.

Keywords: biracial; racism; shadism; identity; coming of age; multicultural

First produced by Toronto Fringe Festival 2019

Running Time: 60 to 90 minutes

Genre: Comedia, Greek chorus, poetic, realistic

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 4
Female Cast: 5

2019 Winner of the Teenjur Young Critics Award 

The Teenjur Young Critics Award was awarded by members of the Young Critic Program. The Young Critic Program is a free three-day intensive that introduces teens to theatre criticism.  Participants attended performances at the 2019 Toronto Fringe as well as workshops where they learned about the role of a critic and how to generate their own criticism. 


'Osaze spoke proudly about having the opportunity to work with his daughter Chattrisse, “I take no credit for the wonderful work that my daughter does; yes, I did expose her to the industry, but it was her choice to pick it up and go with it.” Chattrisse, who patiently waited to speak with me, told me what it was like to be involved in a play like this. “I did a cold reading for the part of Heroine, and my first thoughts were, I hope people don’t mess up the name of the play. Each word was picked very specifically and has a great meaning. I live for the moments in the play that make people laugh, and at times, some of these moments surprise me.”'

- Toronto Caribbean Newspaper

"Diana Manole recommends Who you Callin Black Eh? for its honest, self-ironic, and energetic treatment of discrimination based on skin colour. Learn about racism in Canada while laughing, eh?"

- Mooney on Theatre