Who Killed Henry? by Carol Libman


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Who Killed Henry? by Carol Libman

Guests have gathered to fete the impending marriage of tycoon Henry Jones and actress Monica Webster. As the last guests depart, Henry calls out, Want a nightcap? We hear the tinkling of ice, then a strangled cry - and Henry falls at Monica's feet. Who is responsible for this heinous crime?

Could it be the ambitious, mysterious Jane Armstrong?
Betty, the new cook/housekeeper couldn't possibly.......or could she?
Is Eddy, the 'reformed' street kid not quite as reformed as advertised?
Surely not the lovely, still young-ish Monica....?

But someone is guilty and that someone must be discovered and

Enter super-sleuth Marcus Peabody, and rest assured, justice will be served

Keywords: Fast-paced mystery

Style:  fast-paced full-length whodunnit' comedy, no intermission. 
Run time: 80 minutes
Acts: 1
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 3
Double roles: 1
(5 actors total) 

Note: As it runs 80-85 minutes, it is a full-length play, but best played without an intermission.