Where You Are by Kristen Da Silva

Scirocco Drama

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Where You Are by Kristen Da Silva

The place is a porch in Little Current on Manitoulin Island, where city-transplants Glenda and Suzanne have lived together since Suzanne arrived single, penniless and pregnant thirty-three years previous, moving in with Glenda and her late husband, Mark. While one is warm and industrious and the other brash and prone to late mornings, the sisters are nevertheless devoted to one another and spend laughter-filled days swapping stories about the locals and roping their appealing veterinarian neighbour, Patrick into various chores.

This summer, an imminent visit from Suzanne’s daughter, Beth, a doctor from Toronto, is about to complicate things. Not only do Suzanne and Beth clash over everything, starting with Beth’s choice of pants, the sisters have recently been harbouring a weighty secret. When Beth arrives, it becomes clear that they aren’t the only ones. Amid a busy reunion week that includes a wild wedding, medicinal experimentation and a budding romance between the two doctors, the women are eventually forced to confront truths that will change all four lives forever. Where You Are is a hilarious and honest exploration of family, forgiveness and falling in love.

“A story about family that is at once laugh-out-loud funny and as warm as an August evening. Da Silva is a wonderful dramatist.” — Norm Foster, playwright

“I can’t say there have been many times a funny line has moved the story along quite so well, or served as the setup for the next funny line, or one on the next page of script.” — John Swartz, Orillia Sun

“Moves quickly and confidently from laughter to tears and back to laughter again.” — Andrew Wagner-Chazalon, Luxury Orillia

Cast size: 4 actors
Female roles: 3
Male roles: 1