Where The River Flows by Peter Paylor


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Where The River Flows by Peter Paylor

"Where the River Flows" is a unique hybrid. It is both a dramatic reading (for the most part) and a one-man play; only the last 350 or so words are delivered by the actor from memory. For this reason, the play can be produced with little rehearsal and a short production schedule, making it ideal for short runs or “one-night-only” productions.

Keaton Lowry is a storyteller and one-time “city fella” who has moved to a little cabin where the river bends, churning out a monthly syndicated magazine column called “Where the River Flows.” He travels to town by canoe when he has to, reluctantly, and his columns often take aim at the people he meets there. That’s okay, the people in town often take aim at Keaton – quite literally when Vern Easley has his shotgun handy. Keaton writes about life on the river with warmth and humour, until – like the river – things take an unexpected turn.

"Canadian storytelling at its finest in the tradition of Stephen Leacock and Stuart McLean." - inQuinte

Keywords: Solo, Comedy, One Person Show

First produced by Old Church Theatre, Trenton ON, 2018

Genre: Comedy
Male roles: 1