When Memories Have Us by Paul Van Dyck


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When Memories Have Us by Paul Van Dyck

When Memories Have Us is a site-specific docudrama based on interviews with Holocaust survivors living in Montreal. The play utilizes headphone verbatim theatre techniques to bring to life the testimonies of the survivors. Many scenes occur simultaneously. The audience is free to move throughout the space and discover these scenes at their discretion, or follow specific actors as they move from scene to scene. While the scenes do repeat once, it is not possible for an individual audience member to view every scene during one presentation. This is to give the sensation that there are an endless amount of stories to discover, and also to encourage audience members to discuss and compare with each other their different experiences and impressions after the presentation.

Finalist for The QWF Prize for Playwriting 2018
Produced by the Segal Centre for the Performing Arts, Montreal, QC, March 2018

Keywords: site-specific, docudrama, Holocaust, Holocaust survivors, headphone verbatim,

Genre: Docudrama
Run time: 60 minutes
Acts: 1
Mimimum number of actors: 4
Maximum number of actors: 20
Performers can be of any gender.