Wet by David James Brock


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Wet by David James Brock

WET is an award winning In-Yer-Face play set during the height of Canada’s involvement in the Afghanistan War. A soldier returns home from active duty abandoned by her county. She’s broken. Her husband thinks he can fix her. She can no longer be a mother. He becomes her caregiver. She wants to disappear. He wants his wife back. Their basement suite becomes a prison. A former war comrade shows up to make things better. He doesn’t. Winner of the Herman Voaden National Playwriting Competition, WET is a provocative examination of poverty, mental illness and the military industrial complex. 

WARNING: Violence, Coarse Language, Nudity, and other possible triggers. Not recommended for audiences under the age of 18.

Keywords:  War, PTSD, Mental Illness, Afghanistan, Sexuality, Canadian, Military, In-Yer-Face

First produced by Itsazoo Productions, Vancouver in May 2018

Genre: Drama

Male roles: 1
Female roles: 2
Run time: 75 minutes