West of the 3rd Meridian by Trina Davies


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In one house, in a particular location, the weight of expectation has become too much. Four couples from four different times, haunt the same farmhouse, trying to find peace in the little comedies that make up daily life. The 'meridian' is a physical location on the prairies, but is also the pinnacle, the best, the highest point of a star. West of the 3rd Meridian is populated with characters who find softness in feeling just a bit short of where they set out to be.

Keywords: Prairie, Saskatchewan, Ghost Story, Farm, Expectation, Loss, 20th Century

Year Printed: 2010
First produced in 2008 at Dancing Sky Theatre, Saskatoon, SK

Running TIme: 95 minutes

Acts: 1

Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 1