We Three by Meghan Gardiner


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We Three by Meghan Gardiner

We Three was commissioned by Carousel Theatre for Young People in Vancouver, BC and is appropriate for ages 0-3. 

M and E are great friends. M is bold and adventurous, though without a keen sense of direction! E is much quieter, but loves expressing her thoughts and feelings through music. The two letters meet 3 one day, who is unsure of who he is, of his roots. While M and E know they are letters, 3 does not know where he belongs. Through exploration and adventure, not only does 3 find his home and his family, but E discovers that music is her loudest voice and M realizes she is actually a W and much happier that way! The three characters go through a journey together, as well as apart, and realize that differences are what make us unique and special. WE3.

The intended audience for this play is age 0-3.

Keywords: TVY, TYA, acceptance, gender, kindness, discovery, creativity, diversity

Running Time: 35 minutes

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 1

Musician: 1