Wanda T. Grimsby: Detective Extraordinaire by Melissa Major


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Wanda T. Grimsby, the city's top detective/adventurer (who works on a candy salary) has solved the most stupendous of crimes. Her boss, Big Bittions, has assigned her another mission: Wanda must track down two bizarre and endangered animals before they find each other and create disastrous results. Along the way she meets some strange characters and must tackle some extraordinary tasks. Will she complete her mission? Will the animals be lost forever? Is the world safe? It will take some clever thinking and help from a mysterious forest person who brews strange stews, but Wanda's on the case!

Winner of the 2006 Summer Shorts Playwriting Competition (Williston, North Dakota USA).


(Doubling up is possible)

WANDA - A ten to twelve year old detective slash adventurer girl

BIG BITTIONS (pronounced “Big Bit-yonh”) – Early forties, a large, French lady with long red fingernails and jet-black hair

JOHN - Big Bittions’ assistant

COMPUTER - An electronic projection

QUAGGA - An ancient horse-zebra cross

ELEPHANT BIRD – A large, robust ostrich type of bird

FOREST PERSON – An eccentric yet wise forest dweller

Keywords: young people's theatre, mystery, kids, animals

Year Printed: 2011
Running TIme: 45 minutes
Acts: 1
Male Cast: 1
Female Cast: 2
Other Cast: 3