Vicki's Back! by Londos D'Arrigo


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Vicki's Back! by Londos D'Arrigo

Decades ago Vicki Sharp played the wisecracking best friend of the star on a hit TV sit-com. The series has long since been off the air and roles for a woman of a ‘certain age’ have dried up. Vicki finds herself struggling to keep her acting career afloat, performing in a third-rate production in a theatre in the middle of nowhere U.S.A. Yet Vicki has hopes of resurrecting her career by putting together her own one-woman show. She singles out a struggling young local playwright to help pull together the evening’s entertainment which she believes will put her back in the spotlight. But things don’t go quite as planned when Vicki becomes involved in a scandal which takes her life and career in a totally different direction.

Keywords: actress, stage, aging,

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 100 minutes
Acts: 2
Male cast: 2
Female cast: 2