Unity by Kevin Kerr


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Image Unity (1918) cover

In the fall of 1918, a world ravaged by four years of war was suddenly hit by a mysterious and deadly plague; the Spanish Flu.The illness hit hardest among people healthy, strong, and in the prime of their lives advancing rapidly towards mortality in its victims. This brought the terror, the panic, the horror and the sense of helplessness of the Great War home with the returning soldiers. More people died of this epidemic than had been killed in battle throughout the armed conflict. As fear of the dreaded flu begins to fill the town of Unity with paranoia, drastic measures are taken. The town is quarantined in an attempt to keep the illness out. Trains are forbidden to stop, no one can enter, and the borders are sealed. Mail from overseas, feared to be carrying the deadly, is gathered and burned. But when the disease upon the town despite these precautions, the citizens begin to turn on each other as they attempt to find a scapegoat for the crisis. Winner of the Governor General's Literary Award for Drama in 2002.

Year Printed: 2002
First Produced: In 2001 at Vancouver East Cultural Centre in Vancouver, BC.

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 6
Total Cast: 9