Unicorn Horns by Melissa Major


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Unicorn Horns is an absurdist comic tragedy that follows the androgynous central character, Quiche, an actor who has just completed 714 unsuccessful auditions. Fortunately, Quiche finds Alexander Alexandrovich, the perfect man, marries him that night and consummates the marriage by rubbing together their mutually worn unicorn horn headpieces. Tragedy strikes when Quiche wakes up the next morning to discover that Alexander Alexandrovich is... flat. As in flat flat. The long-awaited good news comes that Quiche has finally been cast in a 24-hour-a-day theatre show, but the loneliness that ensues with the loss of Alexander Alexandrovich’s 3-D shape, makes the theatre show take some sad turns, though Quiche tries consistently to be optimistic. The real audience becomes the audience of the 24-hour a day show, though a doctor that Quiche visits tries to convince him/her that they are not real. Loaded with physical comedy, bouffon and clown, this play has nine zany characters for one person to play.

Winner of the York University President’s Prize for Playwriting.

“Strongly Recommended” - Drama.ca

Keywords: absurdist, androgyny, LGBT, acting, auditions, absurdism, one person show, solo show

Year Printed: 2011
Running TIme: 75 minutes
Acts: 1
Other Cast: 1