Two Tickets to Kathmandu by David Simmonds


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In her younger days Edith Gluck was an aspiring and ‘serious’ actor and did lots of community theatre Shakespeare. During which time she met and married Barry Gluck, before ending up as his assistant in the then popular television show for children: “Barry the Parrot’. As their popularity faded their act was hired for parties and corporate events. Following the death of her husband Mrs Gluck now resides in the main floor apt. of a small house among some artifacts from their past, including the large stuffed parrot whom having convinced herself, harbors the spirit of Mr Gluck. It should be added that Edith (Mrs Gluck) has the habit of addressing the stuffed parrot as if it were alive and capable of responding. She also expects visitors and any house guests to do the same. Meet Percy Brewer and aspiring actor and a younger man looking for adventure and opportunity. Together they undertake a journey to Kathmandu so that the spirit of Barry Gluck, (the dead husband) can finally be laid to rest.

Year Printed: 2017

Running Time: 70 minutes

Acts: 2

Male Cast: 3
Female Cast: 1