Two Tickets to Kathmandu by David Simmonds


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Two Tickets to Kathmandu by David Simmonds

Edith Gluck was an aspiring and ‘serious’ actor before she met and married Barry Gluck. during a run of  ‘As You Like It’. She became his assistant in “Barry the Parrot”, a very successful television show for children. When filming an Easter special before a live audience, the future of the show was destroyed by an unfortunate on-set disaster. After this event, the Gluck’s were left few alternatives. Hired for kid’s birthdays, office parties, touring pubs, clubs and legion halls performing abridged Shakespeare plays and skits with Barry in his parrot costume. While holidaying in Kathmandu, Barry Gluck was killed, when a delayed earthquake tremor struck while he was hanging, parrot style, upside down in a tree. Edith, now a widow in her middle years, resides in the main floor apt of their house, which she firmly believes harbours the spirit of Mr. Gluck, along with some artifacts from their past. Consequently, she is in the habit of addressing the spirit of Mr. Gluck as if he were still alive in the flesh. She also expects visitors and house guests to do the same. In her reality, Mr. Gluck, often interject comments in the style of a Shakespearean insult. The play opens when. Percy Brewer, a young aspiring actor (who knows a good opportunity when he sees one), comes looking to rent the advertised vacant room in the home of Mrs. Gluck. Their meeting and consequent affair, is going to take them on a journey to Kathmandu ,in the quest to free the spirit of Barry Gluck to dwell among his beloved feathered friends.

Keywords:  Barry Gluck is dead to everyone but Edith. The audience and Edith can see and hear him. Wearing parrot mask and interjecting Shakespearean insults. Percy Brewer an opportunistic young actor answers an ad for a room in Edith's house.  Seduction. Travel to Kathmandu. The spirit of Mr. Gluck is released to join his friends. Edith meets Dr. Raj Kamur.

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 88 minutes

Acts: 2

Male roles: 3

Female roles: 1