Two Ships Passing by Dave Carley


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Two Ships Passing by Dave Carley

A liberal judge and a progressive cleric should see eye to eye on issues like health care for the terminally ill - except when the judge's right-wing son intervenes.

Two Ships Passing is the sequel - ten years later - to Dave Carley's popular romantic comedy Midnight Madness. In the decade since their original encounter, Anna Bregner and Wesley Marshall's lives have changed considerably. Anna has recently been appointed to the Bench and Wesley has become a minister. Anna's son Jason, who was thirteen in MidnightMadness, has now graduated from university, a business major. The trio's political views have diverged over the years and are brought into sharp relief when the crisis in health care hits the courts.

One of Wesley's beloved parishioners will die if she does not receive an expensive operation. The government, in an effort to control health care costs, has de-listed certain medical procedures. The wealthy can always jump queues and buy treatment, but Wesley's friend will be wiped out financially. He is seeking an injunction to force the government to treat the woman - and Anna is inclined to agree. And then Jason shows up…

Keywords: Comedy, judge, Midnight Madness, sequel, liberal, minister, Presbyterian, health-care, right-wing, milennial, romantic,

Running Time: 90 minutes

Male Cast: 2

Female Cast: 1