Tree Boy by Michele Riml


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Tree Boy by Michele Riml

Can a 10-year old boy really help save the environment? When self proclaimed super-scientist and Environmental Warrior Avery Adamson uncovers a plot by his father to cut down his favourite tree in favour of a parking pad for his new fossil-fuel guzzling SPV300, Avery declares an environmental emergency and stages a protest to protect the tree and the planet.

Vowing to live in the tree (with No TV and No Video Games!), Avery enlists his best friend Sam to help him. But when a heated debate over soccer and global warming goes sour, Sam leaves, and Avery soon questions if he has the guts of an Enviro-Man or is he merely -- as his sister calls him -- a Tree Boy. After all, staging a one-man protest isn’t that easy and neither is sleeping in a tree. Especially alone, in the dark, with the world’s scariest teenage neighbour just over the fence.

Like all great protesters Avery must face ridicule, indifference and even the dark. But when an unlikely visitor shows up to help, Avery soon discovers that taking a stand for the planet really does start in his own backyard.

"It's great when a play can say something important in an entertaining fashion...better still when it's aimed at the trickiest of all audiences--kids."
-- Toronto Star

Trees; Protecting the environment; Friendship and family; Teamwork
Facing fears and taking action

First produced by Green Thumb Theatre, Vancouver, British Columbia.
Also produced in Ontario, the United States, and Germany since 2007

Keywords: Trees, Protecting environment, friendship and family, teamwork, consumerism, facing fears and taking action

Acts: 1
Genre: Comedy/Drama, Theatre for Young Audiences
Run time: 50 minutes
Suitable for ages 7 - 13

Cast size: 4 actors
Male roles: 3
Female roles: 3
Casting notes: 
Janine and Mom can be double cast
Dad and Chris can be double cast
Sam can be a boy or girl or gender non conforming
Avery has been cast as a girl and the title of the play changed to Tree Girl
In regards to including a child actor, TREE BOY is usually performed by adults for kids, but it would work well with/for young actors.