Tough Jews by Michael Ross Albert


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Tough Jews by Michael Ross Albert

In Toronto’s crime-filled neighbourhood of Prohibition-era Kensington Market, a family of would-be gangsters try to support themselves by running a speakeasy out of their domineering mother’s basement. When a murder is committed and a job goes wrong, the family is suddenly flung into the high-stakes gangland world of American organized crime.

Set against the backdrop of the roaring twenties, the Great Depression, and one of the biggest riots in Canadian history, TOUGH JEWS is a historical drama about one immigrant family’s struggle to create a better future for themselves in a violent, prejudiced, and unforgiving city.

Produced at Kensington Hall, Toronto ON, 2017

6 Dora Award Nominations including Outstanding New Play, Outstanding Production
Winner, My Entertainment World Critic's Pick Award, Outstanding New Play

Keywords: Toronto, History, Judaism, Immigrants, Crime, Violence, Jewish
Genre: Drama
Run time: 120 minutes
Acts: 2
Male roles: 4
Female role: 3
"Exciting and immersive, Tough Jews is really, as one of its characters might say, the cat’s pyjamas."
-Now Magazine

"It’s a funny and tragic adventure which explores hard questions of morality, intergenerational trauma, and the lengths to which people will go to protect their family... The show couldn’t be more relevant."
-Mooney on Theatre

"Viscerally stimulating, Michael Ross Albert’s Tough Jews is a dirty, violent, and often howlingly funny story."

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