Tough Case (7 Character Version) by David S. Craig


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Tough Case (7 Character Version) by David S. Craig

Sixteen-year-old Dane and his mom have recently relocated to Nova Scotia. In the midst of this, Dane has been getting into trouble with the law. He's been caught breaking into and vandalizing an elderly woman's home and is about to be charged with a host of serious offences unless he participates in a court-ordered restorative-justice program. There he meets Nessa, a social worker who grew up in a tough north Halifax housing project and the only person able to connect with Dane.

Keywords: Restorative justice, drama, teenager, crime, youth in crisis
Year Printed: 2015
First Produced: First produced in 2011 at Left Foot First Productions in association with Roseneath Theatre, Halifax, NS.
Acts: 1

Run time: 60 minutes

Male cast: 3
Female cast: 2
Non gender-specific roles: 2
Also available for a cast of 5