TomorrowLove by Rosamund Small


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TomorrowLove by Rosamund Small
TomorrowLove is a collection of fifteen plays, each piece between 15 and 45 minutes, all about love, sex, technology and the future.

Each play is set in a different possible future, where one incredible new piece of technology exists: Extract your soul, upload your consciousness to a computer, talk to a loved one after they've died, or buy a fridge with infinite expanding space. Nothing is impossible. Welcome to TomorrowLove. 

PLEASE NOTE: The listed "2 actors, 90 pages, 90 minutes" is an arbitrary listing of one possible version of the show, using four short plays and two performers. But this is a collection of 15 plays. The collection is designed for companies to mix and match the plays, and perform as few as one or as many as five short plays in an evening, or perhaps all fifteen over a few nights. 

Ranging from big comedy to the darkest moments in life, the pieces are linked by their themes, tone, and shared restrictions: two performers, no set, and a maximum of one prop in each play. All the characters can be played by men or women or non-binary performers.

The original production -which performed all the pieces- used eight actors. The entire collection could be performed with up to thirty actors, if there was no doubling. A smaller selection of the plays could be as few as two performers.
Keywords:  ensemble, future, Toronto, no set, short play, gender bend, technology, science fiction, love, romance, dating, tinder
Running Time: 90 minutes
Number of Roles: 2
Suitable for School Productions: Students 14+
Maximum Number of Roles: 30
Minimum Number of Roles: 2