Together Again for the NEXT Time by Reed McColm


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Together Again for the NEXT Time by Reed McColm

Max and Audrey Frobisher's blended family reunites the autumn following their nearly-disastrous Christmas together, detailed in "Together Again for the First Time."

The occasion now is Chinelle Frobisher's wedding to Carey Krzyznyk, but there are many other issues contributing to the tensions of a wedding day. The parents haven't told the kids that Max recently lost his job, and is terribly concerned about paying the bills. Audrey's oldest son, Roger, is convinced one of his stepsisters has stolen his identity for a credit card, and he's earnestly in pursuit of the fraud. His younger brother Jason, home with Roger from college, has a health problem alarming the family. Oldest daughter Sandra wants Max to fund a sojourn to Nepal. Youngest daughter Kaye has multiple acceptances from prestigious universities, and must choose soon. The girls' mother, Madeline, still harbors open resentment toward Max. Adding Carey's eccentric mother, Lina, and the girls' penurious, storytelling grandfather, Hank, seems to push the house to bursting. But above all, there is Chinelle's increasing worries for the wedding, which leads to her climactic doubts and her being forgotten at the house when everyone else heads to the church for the ceremony.

Produced by Interplayers Theatre, Spokane WA, 2010

Keywords:  wedding, step-siblings, stepsisters, stepbrothers, family, comedy, credit cards

Genre: Comedy
Run time: 96 minutes
Acts: 2
Male roles: 5
Female roles: 6
Suitable for students 16+
"As a blended-family comedy, this sequel hits all the right notes: It’s funny, heartwarming, fast-paced and it teaches worthwhile (if not original) lessons about the importance of family life."
- Jim Kershner, The Spokesman-Review