'Til Death Do Us Part by Katerina Bakolias


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'Til Death Do Us Part by Katerina Bakolias

'Til Death Do Us Part is a modern farce about love and marriage, and how far those bonds can be pushed before they break.

At a small-town Nova Scotian hotel, Kira and Ryan are two days from their wedding when, in the aftermath of a shared “Bachelor/Bachelorette” party, they discover a dead man in their bed! With Kira’s disapproving mother breathing down their necks, an overly helpful maid, and an unexpected raccoon infestation, the couple has their hands full as cracks in their relationship begin to show.

With roots in traditional “laugh out loud” summer stock comedy, the script elegantly blends a poignant musing on contemporary love and partnering in a queer relationship, leading to a race to the altar, where Kira and Ryan face that age-old question: “If you can’t hide a body together, why are you getting married at all?”

Produced by Kick at the Dark Theatre Co., Halifax NS, May 2022

"...Bakolias keeps her audience laughing right up to the end and a standing ovation. In her tool kit are word play, great physical comedy, talking at cross purposes, mistaken identity, sight gags and a mean mother-in-law."
- NS reviews

Keywords: Farce, Wedding, Comedy, LGBTQIA+

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 100 minutes
Suitable for students 16+
Content notes: Contains some swearing and discussion of drug abuse and murder.

Cast size: 5 actors
Male roles: 5
Female roles: 2
Trans/Non-Binary/Gender Non-Conforming roles: 1
Other roles: 2
Character breakdown:
KIRA (she/her) - The clever, detail-oriented bride and published author, is optimistic that her big fat Greek wedding will make her family proud. When things start to unravel she is quick to formulate a plan to get things back on track but begins to question whether or not marriage is right for her.

RYAN (he/him) - The overly dramatic, caring, bisexual groom who has a serious fear of small woodland creatures and a genuine eagerness to please. He finds himself in plenty of physically hilarious situations as he tries to roll with the punches of his increasingly hectic wedding weekend and live up to the role of 'husband'.

HEATHER (she/her) - The intelligent, confident, and fiercely protective mother-of-thebride. Heather isn’t shy about expressing her dislike of Kira’s fiancé, Ryan, and although her heart is in the right place her ‘my way or the highway’ attitude causes problems for Kira and Ryan.

MEL (she/they) - The small-town, overly accommodating, and excitable maid who tries to ensure that the wedding weekend goes perfectly but ends up in the middle of a wedding gone wrong.

PETER (he/him) - A physically demanding role. Peter is the mysterious, good-looking, man, who meets an untimely end when he’s picked up by Kira and Ryan. His pleasant, bright-eyed personality stands in stark contrast to the chaos around him.