Thistlepatch by Catherine Frid


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Thistlepatch by Catherine Frid

A child psychologist and an investigative reporter struggle to piece together the tragedy of a 14-year-old girl's suicide in a juvenile prison. Thistlepatch is based on the true story of Dr. Flora Danziger, the whistleblower who catalyzed the complete overhaul of Ontario's child welfare services in the 1970s.

Keywords: whistleblower, child welfare, psychology, suicide, juvenile prison, Ontario, Canada, Flora Danziger, Victor Malarek

Genre: Drama
Acts: 1
Run time: 75 minutes
Suitable for students 14+
Content note: This play contains references to youth suicide and self-harm. There is use of ableist and homophobic language.

Cast size: 5 actors
Male roles: 1
Female roles: 4
Casting note: The play includes 14 roles that are intended to be played by 5 actors with doubling. However, the roles can also be assigned to more actors.