These Moments of Shine by Camille Pavlenko


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These Moments of Shine by Camille Pavlenko

These Moments of Shine imagines four unlikely Siberian women have set out to make their own Hollywood film, a kind of response to Werner Herzog's 2010 documentary, Happy People, about their not-so-tiny lives in their small, isolated village on the shores of the Yenisei River in Siberia. Their long-kept secrets, passions, rivalries, and ideas of what art might be are exposed and threaten their endeavor from the moment they hit ‘record’.

Keywords: Women, feminism, filmmaking, Siberia, Russia, documentary, wilderness, winter, snow, land, one-act, Taiga, aging, youth, outsiders, isolation, tradition, bears.

Genre: Comedy/Drama
Acts: 1
Run Time: 75 minutes
Content note: Contains mild language and innuendo

Cast size: 4 actors
Female Cast: 4
Casting breakdown: 
Tamara Nikolayevna Polyakova, 44
Zinaida (Zeena) Pavlovna Kurlyenkovichnaya, 45
Veeka Ivanovna Andreyeva, 16
Shaa, 100