Their Prayers We Raise by Thomas J. Cahill


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Their Prayers We Raise by Thomas J. Cahill

The play deals with the establishment of the Roman Catholic Church in Newfoundland around 1783-84. In the prologue, it tells how the practice of the teachings of the church was banned. The play starts with the Royal proclamation giving the people of Newfoundland Liberty of Conscience. As the play proceeds, a group of people get organized and succeed in bringing a priest, Reverend O'Donal, from Ireland. He establishes a church but has to fight a group of rebels who want to overthrow the government. Reverend O'Donal succeeds and later in life he is named Bishop for Newfoundland, the very first.

Keywords: Rebellion, populace, vows, betrayal, conspiracy, papist, hymns, scandal, chapel, soul, sermon, consecration, confessor, baptism, Newfoundland, Ireland, priests

Genre: Historical Drama

Run time: 90 minutes
Male roles: 25
Female roles: 5
Doubled roles: 4
Suitable for students aged 16+