Thea by Mansel Robinson


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PGC CopyScript

The play is a monologue for a young female. Thea is a teenager, smart and sassy and a born performer. She's also very peeved - her newly-single mother is dragging Thea back to a small town so mom can get her life back on track. Although the play uses direct address, she is talking to the kind of young woman Thea would be impressed by - a solo traveler, kinda cool. Thea tries to impress this young woman with her smarts and her attitude. And sensing a connection, reveals her own fears and vulnerability.

Suitable for School Performances:  Students age 14+

Year Printed:  2013
First Produced:  2011 at Blyth Festival, Blyth, ON.

Running TIme:  20 minutes

Acts:  1

Female Cast:  1