The Zoonotic Story by Norman Yeung


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The Zoonotic Story by Norman Yeung

An uncanny encounter between two people in despair becomes a chance for mutual understanding, or for xenophobic hate. THE ZOONOTIC STORY is a response to abuse against Asians during the pandemic, shared through magical realism and the magic of language, with glimmers of compassion.

Produced by the Stratford Festival, National Arts Centre (Online), December 2020

Keywords: racism, Asian, Asian-Canadian, Asian-American, AAPI, anti-Asian discrimination, Chinese, BIPOC, IBPOC, POC, COVID, pandemic, magical realism, short play

Genre: Drama
Suitable for students 14+
Content note: Contains racist violence against Asian people, particularly during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Run time: 10 minutes
Cast size: 2 actors
Casting note: Wu is a Chinese/Asian character who speaks a few lines in a Chinese dialect. Mo is not Asian.

Wu and Mo can be played by actors of any gender.
The playwright is open to compelling artistic choices regarding the characters' race. For example, Wu could be a non-Chinese, Asian character who speaks a language other than Chinese. Or, perhaps a reversal of race, where Wu is played by a non-Chinese actor, and Mo is played by a Chinese actor.