The Writer by Norm Foster

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The Writer by Norm Foster

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Donald Wellner knew success when he wrote a hit play thirty-five years ago, but now he’s recently separated, living in a small apartment, and promising that he’s trying to start a new script. His fortysomething son Blake is a travel writer with commitment issues who pops by between trips to try to hold his family together and prove his worth. Over seven years, Donald experiences the onset of dementia, and father and son become both closer and farther apart. This story of familial bonds provides delightfully comical and satisfyingly sentimental clarity in those small moments that will last forever.

Male roles: 2

Run time: 120 minutes

“An insightful and moving exploration of a unique father/son dynamic that is touching, laugh-out-loud funny, poignant and sad all at once. ”

- David DeRocco, GoBe Weekly
“The play is comic in the broadest sense of the word since it is so alive to the ironies of life and it views human life with such compassion. Over the years Foster has been pushing the boundaries of the kinds of plays he writes. The Writer has an undeniable air of greatness about it. ”

- Christopher Hoile, Stage Door