The Vic by Leanna Brodie


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Judy is a middle-aged, quintessentially downtown feminist who impulsively decides to move to a farm inherited from an aunt... Lorna is a smart and stoic older widow who has lived her whole life in the country. One day, Lorna decides to welcome Judy to the area, with disastrous results... A comedy about friendship, the urban/rural divide, and the history of the Women's Institute: punctuated by popular-theatre pageantry, wildly inventive images, and the infectious music of the WI (which has been a beloved rural institution for over a hundred years...) This big, affectionate bake-sale of a play was a smash hit at the 4th Line Theatre, two years in a row.

Keywords: feminism, women, drama, violence, cruelty, responsibility, diversity, serial killers, racism, cults, film, audition monologue, domestic violence, adolescence, lesbian, crime, power, Bechdel test, violence against women, all-female cast, Women in Film and Television, Alcoholics anonymous, lesbian couples, plays by Canadian women

Year Printed: 2002

First produced in 2000 at Theatre Passe Muraille, Toronto, Ontario.

Running Time: 120 minutes
Acts: 2
Female Cast: 8