The Untold Legend Of Imogen Flight by Mary Littlejohn


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The Untold Legend Of Imogen Flight by Mary Littlejohn

It's the summer of 1850, in London, England, and Imogen Flight is set to be knighted by Good Queen Vic. The patrons of the ladies-only Saucy Chicken pub share stories and tall-tales of their heroine. When Imogen herself shows up, along with her trusty sidekick Volta, she comes with more stories of her own -- and someone on her trail. What follows is a feminist comedy for the ages, paying homage to the multitudes of incredible women who have been lost to history.

Keywords: women, sword-fighting, stage combat, Victorian, period, all-female cast, pirates, swashbuckling, feminist, cross-gender casting, doubling, fictional heroines

Produced by Fabulist Theatre at CBC Studio 700, Vancouver BC, 2020

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Historical
Acts: 2
Run time: 135 minutes
Suitable for students 14+
Content notes: Contains casual British swearing (bloody, etc.), sexual innuendo, kidnapping, sword-fighting and stage combat (including killing/death), racial slurs (g*psy), racism, misogyny, gendered violence, racialized violence, references to domestic abuse, verbal abuse/coercion, pregnancy, labour pains, breastfeeding.

Cast size: 11 actors
Casting notes: The 10 main roles should be played by women or femme-presenting non-binary/trans performers who are comfortable playing the roles of women. Their ages range from 18 - 70 -- see information in the script for more specificity. They may be played by actors of any ethnicity. It is strongly encouraged that the role of Saifi be played by a person of colour. The actor playing Barb must be able to play a guitar or similar instrument. The role of Rhys can be played by any gender provided they can convincingly portray a man, and does not even have to be performed live as the character never appears on stage (voice can be pre-recorded). Doubling information/suggestions are included in the appendix.