The Treasure Seekers by Robert J. Wheeler


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The Treasure Seekers by Robert J. Wheeler

WILLIAM, a young, naïve, wimpy bank teller tries to match wits with TED, a surly, philosophical thief on a Friday night before a long weekend in William’s bank. They argue over many things besides the need to open the safe -- relationships, their futures, whether Ted’s weapon is a gun or a sausage. There are some tense and humorous moments when MS. SAMUELS, William’s witchy bank manager returns. Once Ms. Samuels leaves, JENNIFER, William’s secret office love arrives, confesses to all sorts of misdeeds before she is humanely silenced. MARYLYN, William’s fiancé shows up toting a six-shooter looking for Jennifer, her rival for William’s affection. Once Marylyn is disposed of, the guys are free to leave for Belize with the money, but no, one more intrusion disrupts their plans – Ted’s biker ex-girlfriend TERESA, who is desperate to renew their relationship at any cost, drops by thanks to GPS tracking. A twist finds the guys with the money and two women on a beach in Belize where all is resolved.

Keywords: Relationship comedy, money vs. love, superior/inferior females and males, unique perspectives, appearances vs. brains

Genre: Comedy
Acts: 2
Run time: 90 minutes

Cast size: 6 actors
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 4