The Thin Man adapted by Lucia Frangione


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The Thin Man adapted by Lucia Frangione

Adapted from Dashiell Hammett's novel The Thin Man.

It's 1933, New York, and the glamorous Nick and Nora have come to the big apple to visit an old friend for the holidays. As soon as they arrive, Nick is reluctantly dragged out of retirement to solve the murder of his former lover, Julia. His old boss, Wynant, and the entire outrageous Wynant family is involved as well as a host of seedy characters from Nick's past, much to Nora's intrigue and delight. She has the chance to see Nick in action as a detective and she giddily elects herself his "Watson". That said, she soon discovers it isn't all fun and games. Being away from the seclusion of their pampered life back in San Francisco, Nick has new insight into what Nora faces every day too, being a Chinese American. This is a fast paced comedic murder mystery with cocktails.

Produced by Vertigo Theatre/Persephone Theatre, Calgary, 2018

Keywords: comedy, sexy, murder, Chinese, detective, inter-racial, marriage, family dynamics, Asian, mystery, 1930s, dog. all ages

Genre: Comedy, Mystery, Adaptation
Run time: 105 minutes
Male roles: 5
Female roles: 3
Doubled roles: 6
Suitable for students 16+