The Scavenger's Daughter by Joseph Shragge


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The Scavenger's Daughter by Joseph Shragge

A five-act comedy set in an medieval world, where a travelling Merchant sells golem-like automatons to act as unpaid workers for his clients. A trio of impoverished Shepherds buy into the con, but when the automaton breaks down, panic breaks out: all believe themselves somehow accountable and fear the penalties of the law including torture. A comedy of errors follows, in which the Merchant’s assistant is kidnapped by a group of rogue theatre players, and the Third Shepherd is convinced that he has become the automaton. Mistaken identities drive the plot, as the automaton lurches from scene to scene causing confusion and havoc. By the end, The Shepherd’s wife is forced to identify her real husband to save the Merchant from being tortured in a grisly new device called the Box. The Scavenger’s Daughter is part miracle play and part magical farce, exploring technology, illusion and the line between innovation and fraud.

Keywords: golem, medieval, Jewish, folklore, surreal, comedy

Running Time: 120 minutes

Male Cast: 7

Female Cast: 2