The Royal Flush by Kate Jaimet


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The Royal Flush by Kate Jaimet

Two estranged sisters, Melanie and Tassie, inherit a cabin in the woods where their ne'er-do-well father may — or may not — have hidden a fortune in casino winnings. On a cold winter weekend, the sisters gather at the cabin, ostensibly to scatter their father's ashes, but really to search for the hidden money. Just before a snowstorm hits, who should arrive at the cabin but Tassie's old flame, Dean, and Snowflake, the stripper at the Lucky Beaver Casino who was the last person to see their father alive. Comedy, intrigue and family drama intertwine in a series of twists and turns as the snowed-in sisters cope with each other, and their unexpected guests. 

"Comedy comes in many forms, so think of Neil Simon’s comedic drama style when you go to this one. The script has that potential. It has the banter, and the zingers, and the little double takes and silent stares that were his trademark. Just picture all this happening in a cabin during a northern Ontario blizzard. So instead of Plaza Suite, we have a very relatable North of Sudbury experience." — Colin Noden, apt613

Keywords: comedy, Canadiana, family, sisters, women, winter, intrigue, Ontario, Thunder Bay, cottage, cabin, gambling, marriage, romance, snow

First produced by the Ottawa Fringe Festival, 2019
Genre: Comedy
Run time: 80 minutes
Male roles: 2
Female roles: 3
Suitable for students 16+