The River Lady and Other Plays by David Widdicombe

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The River Lady and Other Plays by David Widdicombe

The River Lady: A female drifter meets a disgruntled dishwasher in an all-night diner. She collects marbles from every town she visits and longs for a better life. He's frustrated by the world he sees reflected back at hum through television and wants to start a religion inspired by Planet of the Apes. Together they desperately try to make sense of their simple lives as the night closes in on them.

Male Cast: 1

Female Cast: 1 

Swamp Baby and Other Tales: Fate intrudes into the lives of four different woman: a little girl who has as many pounds on her body as there are days in a year, a street kid with an unique cure for drug addiction, an old woman who talks to outer space, and Hubie, the world's most unusual baby. 

Female Cast: 4 

Dinosaur Dreams: Bobby and Rabbit are two brothers who survive the cold winters by fantasizing about their futures – Bobby as a California surfer, Rabbit as a paleontologist. Their dreams are turned upside down with the arrival of their father Judd, who disappeared a decade ago. 

Male Cast: 3