The Perfect Pitch by Derek Ritschel


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The Perfect Pitch by Derek Ritschel

Lynnie and Denton are the creative forces behind an Advertising Agency preparing for its most important presentation ever. The competition is fierce and everyone in the agency knows that the pitch must be perfect if they are to win over the new client. But the pressure within the agency is building and things begin to unravel. Office politics and rivalries, romantic complications, buried secrets and betrayals, stretch love to the breaking point. The smooth sales guy, the sexy girl Friday and the madcap owner add to the comedic mayhem. Can love survive for a hyper-competitive, power couple working together amid the politics, egos and high pressure of the mad, mad world of advertising? Enduring love amid hilarious shenanigans.

Year Printed: 2017

Acts: 2

Running Time: 120

Female Cast: 2

Male Cast: 3